Posting Again


Wow I haven’t touched this blog in ages. I wanna start posting again, though I think here I’ll post in 1st person as Hailey and Ola, develop their personalities a little better. I’m suddenly very into my dolls again. Multiple interests, or two sides of one coin?



Been a while


Been a while. I’ve been busy with school and work and drawing.

This is what I’ve drawn. These are only the first 10, they are very messy, still need to be edited and colored, but I’m posting them here in black and white anyway:


They’re based on Dear Americas. It always bothered me a little that the cover portraits aren’t always the most historically accurate, so I thought I’d make them more accurate.

I started with the ones they have re-released or the new ones with he new covers. Then I decided to do the rest of Dear America. Then My America really is part of Dear America. Then the Royal Diaries cause they’re kinda like Dear America. Then if I do Royal Diaries I have to do the other spinoffs Scholastic has published around the world like Dear Canada and My Story Britain/Australia/New Zealand. Then I guess the ones that are based on Dear America but published by other companies in different countries. Then what about the events Dear America hasn’t covered like 9/11 or Katrina?

To keep my sanity, these are based only on the books I have read or on characters from time periods that had no books and gave me free creativity.

I still have 100+ of these.



I hunted down a picture of a dress I saw from a grey market seller. I’ve now seen this dress 3 times, once without gold sparkles. The cover of Saige Paints the Sky looks like it has this dress on it.


Also, sening this to Char @ Doll Diaries.

Nutcracker and General Holiday Thoughts


Hey everyone! Hailey here.

So every year my mom gets free tickets to the ballet because her company supports the city’s troupe. And every year for Christmas they do the Nutcracker. I suppose it’s nice to see it for some people, but…

I’ve seen it for 10 straight years! If I have listen to the Russian Dance one more time, my ears will bleed.

So instead I’m going to spend the day decorating my tree!

My concept is this: Christmas around the world.

I want to do something from every area of the globe, and here’s what I came up with:

USA: the tree, with light bulbs that look like little candles (Mara’s request, since she’s spending her holidays here and would like something historical on the tree.) and ornaments from a few states:
Florida: a flamingo ornament. I also have a Mickey one that I want to squeeze in somewhere.
Kentucky/Tennessee: a guitar ornament, because that’s the home of country music. If I ever finish knitting my scarf it can go on here too.
Arizona/New Mexico: something turquoise, because I know they have lots of jewelry like that there.
Louisiana: a Mardi Gras mask.
Hawaii: a hula girl
New York: a Statue of Liberty Mara’s bringing me.

Morrocco: They don’t really celebrate Christmas, but a taarija drum would be cool.

France: a wooden nativity, with little figures of me and Mara and our families added in. Apparently they do this in France, and I think it’s really cool. They call it a “Crèche”.
United Kingdom: Christmas cards

Japan: I want a Daruma doll. Daruma’s are little blind men that you get as a present for New Years. You tell him a wish, and then paint on one eye. He’ll be so happy with his eye that he’ll grant your wish so you’ll paint in his other eye.

Germany: Cheating here, but the tree again, since they originated there.

Mexico: Shoes. On January 6th, Dia de Los Tres Reyes, the three Kings are supposed to bring children sweets while they travel to Bethlehem. On the 5th, children put out their shoes, and when they wake up, the Kings have filled them with candy. One of the better traditions, IMO.

Isreal: a menorah. I think it’s self explanitory really.

Ethiopia: Colored beads. My pen pal got these for Christmas last year, but I kinda admit to not knowing anything specal about them. Also, they eat honey and drink coffee. And their Christmas is on January 7, but since I know Russians also have Christmas then it’s not very suprising.

Laos/China/Vietnam: They celebrate Chinese & Vietnamese new year too, but I was thinking Asian style lanterns. And of course a Dragon.

Belarus/Russia/Ukraine/Poland: Straw ornaments, paper chains, and an embroidered table cloth. My family comes this area, and this is how my grandma decorates her tree. Of course, she makes straw ornaments herself whereas mine are from IKEA.

India: In India they celebrate Diwali around now, so I want some Lotus blossom candles. It’s the festival of light, done to honor a very important monk who achieved Nirvana, or spiritual enlightment. And also to make a Goddess named Lakshmi feel welcome.

Brazil: Flowers from my garden. In Brazil, it’s spring right now, and flowers grow. So a chain of flowers would be nice.

I’m also going to have a nutcracker. Because despite my hatred of the ballet, nutcrackers themselves are actually pretty cool.

And fruit cake. Because I actually like them.


I’m bored. So I made up a few GOTYs. I only made one book for each, since I’m too lazy to come up with more.

Alexis Avery
Alexis is bursting with enthusiasm to be in her school’s production of the Wizard of Oz. She’s confident she’ll get the role of Dorothy and has been practicing skipping down the yellow brick road for a week before auditions. But when she doesn’t get the role, will she learn that there’s more to show business than being a star?
Alexis Doll Alexis has the Josefina mold, straight blonde hair, bright grey eyes, and light skin. She arrives wearing a pink t shirt, a white denim skirt with pink leggings underneath, pink ballet flats, and a white head band to her hair back. Also includes pink undies.
Rehearsal Outfit When Alexis practices her role, she wears pink sweat pants with the word “act” down the leg, a white lacy tank top, pink hair ties, and white sneakers.
Show Outfit Alexis wears this outfit in her role as the Wicked Witch of the West: black leggings, a purple skirt, a pink long sleeve top, a front laced black vest, black flats, and a black hat.
Yoga OutfitAlexis and her mom do yoga every weekend at the community center. She wears: a pink Indian pattern tank, grey capri sweat pants, a white hoodie. Included is a white yoga mat.

Erika Summers
Erika loves music. She plays violin in her school orchestra and dreams of making it big and going on tour with her best friend’s band, The Seasons, where she plays the drums. When Erika’s parents tell her she can’t play in the band anymore, she’s heartbroken. Will she find a way to play both instruments?
Erika Doll Erika has the Addy mold, curly dark brown hair, green eyes eyes, and medium skin. She arrives wearing a blue dress, black boots, and a purple clip in her hair. Also includes purple undies.

Sophie Middleton
Sophie loves living in the city. She loves the fashions, being able to walk everywhere, and her high rise apartment building. But when she has to spend summer on her aunt’s farm, her world is turned upside down. Can she ever learn to live here?
Sophie Doll: Sophie has the Kaya mold, wavy brown hair, bright brown eyes, and light skin. She arrives wearing a blue floral peasant dress tied at the waist with a belt, brown boots, and blue hair ties for her braids. Also includes blue undies. (Her look is based on a Seminole woman I actually know)
Library Outfit: When Sophie and her mom volunteer at the city library, she wears this fashionable outfit: white skinny jeans, a light blue blouse, yellow ballet flats with little bows on them, and a yellow headband.
Swimsuit: When Sophie visits her aunt, she swims in a lake for the first time. She wears a blue bandana pattern bikini top, a matching boy shorts bottom, blue flip flops, and sunglasses.
Riding Outfits: Sophie’s aunt does equestrian classes on her farm, and after a while Sophie takes advantage. She wears her tan riding pants, black boots, and blue tank top for practice. When her first competition comes around, she trades her tank for a white blouse and navy blue riding jacket. Don’t forget her helmet!
Tennis Outfit: In the city, Sophie plays tennis with her mom on their building’s roof top. She has a blue layered over white tennis dress, matching shorts, a white visor, white socks, white shoes, a racket, and a set of 3 balls.
Seminole Dress: Sophie didn’t know much about her heritage until her aunt took her to a pow-wow. There, she wore a blue Seminole dress with a big circle collar, leather moccasins, and a beaded feather comb for her hair.
PJs: When it’s time to hit the hay, Sophie wears these PJs: a blue empire tank top, matching shorts, blue slippers, and hair ties.
Accessories: The things Sophie needs to make her day: a silver purse, a notebook, a pencil, a camera for taking photos of Lake Eola, a water bottle for hot summer days, and her precious pug puppy, Princess.
Misty: This flea-bitten gray mare is the first horse Sophie rode. She comes with a blanket, a saddle, and a bridle.
Stable Set: When it’s time to put Misty away for the night, put her in this stable fencing, with a blanket over her. Includes a lead rope, hay bales and a trough for when she gets hungry, and a stable fork for cleaning up.
Couch Set: Sophie’s aunt doesn’t have a guest room, so Sophie sleeps on this blue fold out couch. Includes a pillow and blanket.

Ji Dan
Ji is a budding fashionista enjoying her life in Seoul. But when she has to move to the US, her world is shaken. No one likes her, her clothes are laughed at, and she can’t understand what anyone is saying. Will she be able to find any relief from her torment?
Ji Doll Ji has the Jess mold, straight black hair, bright brown eyes, and light skin. She arrives wearing a white dress with red leggings under, a denim vest, and converse boots. Also includes white undies.